"These fools are a small price to pay for the battle droids who will let me destroy the Gen'dai."
―Kandhar betrays his men[src]

Kandhar was a Devaronian male pirate who worked for Shai Tenna of the White Maw during the start of the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.[1]


In 3642 BBY, Kandhar had taken his favor away from Shai Tenna and turned against the White Maw. After forming an alliance with the Voidwolf, he was able to bring in cold-weathered droids and blaster rifles for him and his gang to help against the Gen'Dai. When he had a meeting with Commander Tarkus, they were encountered by Ace who was sent by Shai Tenna to eliminate him. Kandhar knew this would happen and ordered his men to kill the smuggler. However, his men turned against him and shot the Devaronian to death.[1]


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