"I quite agree that the prefect can handle the disturbance, my dear. Here, let me prepare a whirlpool bath of Krayt egg salts."
―Kant Aryon[src]

Kant Aryon was a male Human and the husband of the Imperial Governor of Tatooine, Tour Aryon. Kant was the son of a Baron and Baroness, growing up in the lap of luxury on Bethars.


The husband of the Governor of Tatooine was best described as a con-artist; being an agent serving the depths of the underworld gangsters for a long time. Aside for his love to cheating people, he felt a vast loyalty to his wife as well.

After marrying his wife, Kant realized that what he was doing in life was putting his family at risk. It changed him from being a risky gambler to a nervous coward doing whatever it took to keep his underworld life separate from his love life.[1]

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