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Kao Cen Darach's lightsaber was the weapon used by the Jedi Master Kao Cen Darach. He used it during the Battle of Korriban.


Jedi Master versus two Sith

Kao Cen Darach wielding his and Satele Shan's lightsabers against Vindican and Malgus

Although the Republic Navy had abandoned the world, the Jedi Order chose to maintain a small but dedicated vigil over the planet, in an effort to guard its dark secrets. Two Jedi Satele Shan and her master Kao Cen Darach participated in the protection of Korriban from a space station in orbit above the planet. The two were joined there by a number of troopers from the Republic's Special Forces division, who also assisted the Jedi as a police force for the region. In the year of the Empire's return to the known galaxy, Shan, Darach, and Corporal Jace Malcom, traveled to the planet's surface to intercept a freighter that had landed without authorization. There they discovered smuggler Captain Nico Okarr, who was attempting to steal and abscond with artifacts from the ruins of the old Sith Empire. The three impounded his vessel and ferried him to the orbital security station where they were joined by a Republic trooper who helped to take Okarr into custody. As the four of them escorted the smuggler through the space station, Shan sensed a considerable dark side ripple in the Force.

At that moment, an Imperial armada of over thirty Sith battlecruisers jumped out of hyperspace into the Horuset system, near Korriban and its space station. The warships immediately dispatched numerous wings of interceptor starfighters that began strafing runs on the Republic's station. The first few volleys inflicted heavy damage on the installation, causing reactive explosions throughout the station and setting fire to several internal areas of the structure. Shortly afterward, boarding parties consisting of the Imperial Army's Sith troops and assault droids landed on the station and engaged Republic personnel on board.

Darach understood the gravity of the situation and decided that the defenders' first priority must be to warn the Republic of the Empire's new offensive. Corporal Malcom agreed, but informed the Jedi that their shuttles would have no chance of outrunning the Empire's much more agile interceptors. Having overheard the conversation, the detained smuggler offered his XS stock light freighter as a means of escape, given that it was the fastest ship in the Esstran sector. The Jedi agreed, and together with Okarr and troopers, rushed to the station's hangar in hopes of reaching the vessel and informing Republic authorities of the situation. Upon reaching the hall that led into the hangar, Shan and her Master rushed ahead to clear the landing zone of Imperial troopers while the Republic soldiers brought up the rear, holding off pursuing Imperial forces. While the two soldiers were distracted, a Sith soldier launched a missile at them, killing one and temporarily incapacitating Malcom. Witnessing the incident, the Captain drew his blaster pistols and quickly killed four of the approaching Sith troops. Having regained his faculties, the Republic Corporal armed himself with a blaster chaingun and joined the smuggler to destroy two advancing assault droids.

As Imperial forces continued to make their way through the station, Okarr and Malcom retreated into the hangar, sealing the entry behind them to prevent any further intrusion from enemy troopers. Shan and Darach simultaneously finished eradicating the troopers who had already taken position in the hangar, allowing the four of them to regroup and examine the smuggler's freighter, which had been slightly damaged by the violent rocking of the station caused by the attacking vessels. The Captain lamented the state of his craft, but reassured Darach that his freighter was resilient enough to take flight once more and flee the station. However, before any of the Republic defenders could board the vessel, a Fury-class Imperial interceptor landed in the hangar and two Sith disembarked: an Inquisitor Sith Pureblood Lord Vindican, and his Human apprentice, the Sith Warrior Malgus. Their primary goal was to prevent the Jedi and others from leaving the station to warn the Republic of the attack; the Jedi were determined to prevent the Sith from interfering in their escape. Shan and Darach engaged Malgus and Vindican in a duel while Malcom and Okarr rushed onto the freighter to prepare for lift-off with the Captain's astromech droid, T7-O1.

On the landing bay floor, the Jedi and Sith fought fiercely, with Malgus and Shan engaging one another while their Masters dueled a short distance away. During the melee, Malgus was able to outmaneuver Shan, ultimately disarming her before delivering a powerful knee thrust into her abdomen. While the young Jedi doubled-over from the impact, the Sith apprentice moved to finish her with an over-handed lightsaber swing. Just as his weapon was descending to kill Shan, Master Darach, who was himself engaged in combat with Vindican, broke from his own struggle long enough to throw his lightsaber in Malgus's direction. Malgus, who did not see the incoming blade, was caught off-guard by the impact of the Zabrak's lightsaber against his own. Shan used the borrowed time to kick the Sith away from her and reclaim her lost weapon. She proceeded to make an attempt at attacking the Sith Lord, but Vindican swatted her away with a blast of Force lightning. In response, Shan's Master Force-pushed the Sith Pureblood across the hangar so that he might regroup with his Padawan.

Meanwhile, Captain Okarr managed to bring his vessel online and lift off from the hangar bay. Malcom descended the ship's boarding ramp in an attempt to collect the two Jedi, but was instead met by the two Sith, who were trying to halt the starship with waves of Force lightning. The Corporal responded with an ineffective shot from a missile launcher before turning his attention back to the Jedi. While he called for them to join him, Shan and Darach conferred; the Zabrak informed his apprentice that their paths were about to deviate, and that she must flee on the freighter while he remained behind to hold off the Sith. The young Jedi complied and furnished her Master with her own double-bladed lightsaber before leaping into the departing smuggler ship. While the freighter narrowly escaped the hangar, the Jedi Master re-engaged the two Sith. Wielding both his lightsaber and that of his apprentice, he drove the two back while expertly defending himself against their Force attacks.

After slashing Vindican across the face, Darach deactivated one end of Shan's weapon and continued to perform agile flurries of strikes. Darach was eventually able to maneuver himself into a position that allowed for him to activate Shan's weapon through the Inquisitor's abdomen, thereby incapacitating him for the remainder of the battle. Malgus seized the opportunity to appropriate his fallen Master's weapon and reciprocate his opponent's usage of three blades with his own. Although the Zabrak attempted to prevent the apprentice's advance by hurling large chunks of debris toward Malgus, the Sith apprentice was undeterred, and cut through all obstacles with ease. Upon reaching the Jedi Master, the two engaged one another for a short time, but the young Sith ultimately prevailed. Malgus cut Darach in half horizontally, killing him.


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