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Karé Kun was a human female starfighter pilot who served as a lieutenant in the New Republic Starfleet and as a member of Rapier Squadron. Along with fellow squadron members commander Poe Dameron and lieutenant Iolo Arana, she later joined the Resistance during its conflict with the First Order. She received a promotion to the rank of captain and was given command of her own starfighter squadron, Stiletto Squadron.[2]


Early lifeEdit

Karé Kun was born sometime around the defeat of the Galactic Empire, and so she was known as a "victory kid."[2]

At some point, she joined the New Republic Navy and became a lieutenant, as well as "Rapier Two" in Commander Poe Dameron's starfighter squadron, Rapier Squadron.[2]

New RepublicEdit

Engagement near Suraz 4Edit

About thirty years after the Battle of Endor, Kun, along with the rest of Rapier Squadron, responded to a distress call from the freighter Yissira Zyde near Suraz 4. The squadron emerged from hyperspace to find the freighter as it was boarded by First Order troops. They engaged the TIE fighters and shuttles nearby, managing to destroy all eight of the TIEs and one shuttle before the remaining shuttle and the Yissira Zyde jumped into hyperspace. Lieutenant Muran, Rapier Four, was killed when his vessel was caught too close to the Yissira Zyde as it went into hyperspace and the X-wing exploded.[2]

During Rapier Squadron's next patrol, Dameron embarked on a solo mission to search for the Yissira Zyde, forbidding the others to assist him. He followed the telemetry of the missing freighter and jumped into hyperspace, leaving Kun and Lieutenant Iolo Arana, Rapier Three, to patrol the sector as usual.[2]

Joining the ResistanceEdit

Following Dameron's skirmish in OR-Kappa-2722, Kun, along with Dameron and Arana, joined General Leia Organa's Resistance. She and Arana were promoted to the rank of captain and given command of their own starfighter squadrons, with Kun leading Stiletto Squadron. Kun, Dameron, and Arana were transferred to the refitted MC80 star cruiser Echo of Hope.[2]

Operation: Sabre StrikeEdit

Kun, along with Arana, was selected by Dameron to take part in a covert mission to steal New Republic Senator Erudo Ro-Kiintor's yacht, the Hevurion Grace, in Operation: Sabre Strike. Kun wore a bulky EVA suit and flew a Z-95 Headhunter for this mission in the Uvoss system. When the Hevurion Grace arrived in the system, Dameron disabled the ship with modified concussion missiles. He boarded the ship and forced the passengers and crew to evacuate into the escape pods. While he was restarting the ships engines, a First Order fleet emerged out of hyperspace and attacked the pilots.[2]

Ignoring Dameron's orders to escape, Kun and Arana stayed nearby to fight off the TIE fighters swarming the yacht. They destroyed nine of the eighteen TIEs before the New Republic pilots were trapped between a gas giant and the First Order fleet. To avoid the planet's gravity, the pilots risked passing over the First Order ships and made a jump to hyperspace, completing their mission successfully.[2]



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