Kara was an obese Human female who lived on the planet Kalimahr in the Tython system during the reign of the Infinite Empire; although like all residents of the system, she was unaware of the Rakata and their Empire's existence in the greater galaxy. A former Je'daii, Kara had served the Je'daii Order on Tython long enough to come into the possession of a Force-imbued blade, but abandoned Tython to become a socialite in the city of Rhol Yan. Secretly, she and other wealthy individuals on Kalimahr served as the leadership of the Stargazer Sect, funneling money to keep open hideouts and to pay for acolytes to move about in accordance to their master plan of leaving the isolated system and discovering the galaxy beyond.


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A Human female, much of Kara's past is shrouded in rumors and educated guesses. Believed by Je'daii Ranger Lanoree Brock to have been a member of the Je'daii Order during her early life, Kara was a Force-sensitive and owned a Force-imbued blade of Tythonese origin. Whatever her connection to the Order, it had long since been severed and memory of her time on Tython had been forgotten by the Order's leadership. One of the Shunned, Kara's connection to the Force had diminished and balance was rendered impossible as she grew to resent the Force. Making a home for herself on Kalimahr, Kara supported herself through the mining of swing dust, amassing huge riches and coming to be the head of several self-operating businesses. During her younger years she was a self-proclaimed adventurer, and made the three-hundred day trek to Furies Gate, the space station at the outer limits of the system. Spending twenty days there, she stood at one of the great viewing stations and gazed out into the abyss, longing to know what lay beyond the system. Sometime after her return, Kara's wanderlust led to her becoming extremely obese to the point that her hair fell out and she was forced to rely on a hoverchair for locomotion. Occupying the penthouse suite of a spire in the city of Rhol Yan, Kara seldom left her apartment as she grew larger and larger, valuing her privacy and funding her interests from afar.[1]


At some point c. 25,793 BBY, the aged Kara began funding the Stargazer Sect, an organization which she and several other wealthy individuals in the system funded in hopes of finding a way out of the system. Amassing a small following of acolytes, they saw to the installment of failed Je'daii Journeyer Dalien Brock as the puppet leader of the sect. Controlling his actions from a distance, they encouraged him to uncover arcane Gree technology hidden away in the depths of Tython's Old City using texts which Kara had collected over her lifetime, including The Gree, and Everything I Have Found of Them in the Old City, an ancient journal written by the Je'daii Osamael Or. Secretly alerting the Je'daii of Brock's goal to create a device which would activate the rumored hypergate underneath the Old City, Kara hoped to encourage Brock to work faster as pressure mounted against him.[1]

As Ranger Lanoree Brock was sent to investigate her brother's connection to the Stargazers and discover his meddling with dark matter, she was directed to seek out Kara by Kalimahr Police Captain Lorus who had suspected Kara had connections with the group but had no reason to arrest her or interrogate her. When Ranger Brock arrived at her apartment, Kara occupied her conversation and food, dropping bits and pieces of information, but nothing which incriminated her as having begun the Stargazer movement or endangering its goals. When Kara demanded that Ranger Brock and her companion, a Twi'lek named Tre Sana depart, Sana shot her with a stun dart which knocked her unconscious. While she laid sprawled out on the floor, Brock and Sana tore through her apartment, discovering a secret room containing many rare, handwritten texts including the Journal of Osamael Or. Taking the book and departing via the window, the Je'daii left Kara behind, groggy and tired from the encounter.[1]

When she recovered, Kara stripped her apartment of all her possessions and left without a trace. While security and others in the building who had known of Kara offered little information later during Ranger Brock's follow-up investigation, she could sense that none of them knew where the corpulent woman had vanished to, or what her future plans were after the failed Stargazer Uprising had been foiled.[1]


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