The Kari were small sentient insectoids covered with a black exoskeleton. They were the only sentient race indigenous to Karideph. They were bipedal and walked on two powerful legs and possessed two smaller 'arm' appendages used to manipulate their environment as well as objects. Their homeworld's surface was dominated by massive city-like structures which forced a majority of the Kari to live in an underground system of tunnels. This resulted in many of the species almost never coming to the surface and, thus, never experiencing the light of their sun.

The average Kari day involved growing food to feed the 100 billion Kari that inhabited the homeworld. To aid them in feeding their people, the Kari became quite adept at creating small mechanical appliances and machines which they exported in exchange for more food. A Kari family was called a Hatch, which was made up of 20 to 30 Kari individuals.

Being an insectoid species this resulted in a hive-like society being formed; some would even state that it was a true hive society with no individual personalities or individuality being demonstrated. As such, the Kari possess limited intelligence though one of their unique traits was developing a system of songs that served to teach history from one generation to the next. This resulted in a form of Bards being produced among the Kari with each Hatch possessing at least one singer who would preserve the history of the Hatch and 'sing' it to other Hatches.

During the time of the New Order, the Galactic Empire banned the Kari from participating or even developing space travel. This was due to the fear that the massive population growth rate of the Kari would have resulted in them outnumbering and overrunning Human society.


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