Karinne was a CR90 corvette of the Twi'leki government.

During the Galactic Civil War, Karinne was dispatched with a Twi'leki diplomat to meet with members of Rebel Alliance High Command. When Imperial spies discovered the nature of Karinne's mission, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Avenger was sent to destroy it. In turn, the Alliance Counter Intelligence gained word of the Imperial ambush, and hastily scrambled two Y-wings to aid Karinne.

Karinne exited hyperspace in a deep space location, followed shortly by Avenger. Avenger launched three flights of TIE bombers just as the Rebel Y-wings arrived. As the bombers streaked towards Karinne, Avenger entered hyperspace. The Y-wings succeeded in destroying the TIE bombers with proton torpedoes and saving the corvette. Karinne then departed to meet with Alliance High Command. The Rebel's interception of the Imperial attack earned the gratitude of the Twi'lek delegation who soon agreed to join the Alliance.

The mission became a training scenario for Alliance pilots in the effective use of long range weaponry against bombing raids.