Karkas was an t'bac-addicted murderer wanted in two dozen systems. He killed over ninety-one individuals, marking their foreheads with the letter "K".


Tash Arranda first encountered Karkas on Koda Space Station, in the seedy tapcafé known as The End of the World. Karkas escaped the authorities on Koda and fled to Tatooine and the palace of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, an old underground acquaintance of his. Jabba offered to have the corrupt B'omarr monk known as Grimpen transfer Karkas's mind into a new body to help him elude Imperial pursuit. Unfortunately, the captive reserved for Karkas's brain was freed from Jabba's dungeon by Zak Arranda. While Jabba's agents sought a replacement body, Karkas was temporarily transferred into the body of Tash Arranda. The murderer resented this state, calling his new host "as weak as a nerf cub." Despite this impairment, Karkas tracked down and killed Commander Fuzzel, the Imperial officer heading the local manhunt for Karkas. Zak Arranda quickly discovered that his sister's brain had been removed from her body. With the help of his uncle Mammon Hoole, Zak incapacitated Karkas. B'omarr monks transferred Tash Arranda's brain back into her original body, leaving Karkas to wander the hallways of Jabba's palace in a BT-16 perimeter droid.

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