Karlo was a male Human chef working in repair asteroid station Darkside from 72 BBY to at last 32 BBY. He was grumpy, like many Darkside inhabitants, but warm if impressed.

He had worked for Riboga the Hutt and, when Riboga left, for his successor Nirama. After working for a Hutt, he tried to best to avoid politics, and rather did his best to know all the local news, which allowed him to influence the other Darkside inhabitants. He had heard of The Cell, a faction wanting to oust Nirama; however, Karlo had no authority to talk to Nirama, and anyway he considered The Cell little more than juvenile delinquents without power (which was only true when talking about The Cell members in Darkside). He was also familiar with tales of the misteryous "green room", in one of the asteroid's corridor, which moved around the asteroid without apparent reason.

In 32 BBY, Karlo's kitchen was a stinky disorder infested with exorants. He was commonly assigned kitchen assistants for short times, and he charged them with tasks such as cleaning the kitchen (and taking care of the vermins) and preparing the menu with the available ingredients.