"Do not touch me, Jedi witch! You will not sssteal my mind from me! You will get nothing from Karnissss!"
―Karniss, to Luminara Unduli[src]

Karniss was a Trandoshan slaver working for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He led a slaver unit to the Wawaatt Archipelago during the Battle of Kashyyyk of the Clone Wars.


Karniss' unit was ambushed by the forces of Luminara Unduli, Quinlan Vos, and Faie. His forces were overrun by the Galactic Republic, so he called in a squad of crab droid reinforcements. It was then Vilmarh Grahrk swooped into the battlefield in the Inferno and took out the gargantuan crab droids with blasts from his blaster cannons.


Karniss's attempt to attack the Jedi failed.

Karniss was wounded. Master Luminara and Vos confronted the dying Trandoshan and interrogated him about the "glories to please the gods" (the purpose of the attack.) He explained that members of the Claatuvac Guild were hiding in a village on Kashyyyk, and that they knew valuable hyperspace routes which were a key secret that could bring the Separatists victory.

As the two Jedi spoke with Clone Commander Faie, the dying Trandoshan gathered whatever strength he had left and pounced on a clone scout trooper, taking the dead trooper's blaster and opened fire on the strike team. His attempt failed, and Commander Faie blasted the sudden attacker.