"I was just watching the greenbeaks.I like to feed 'em"
―Vrath Xizor[src]

Karson's Park was a beautiful park located on the planet Vulta.


It had many attractions, such as a large pond in which greenbeaks swam. A small wood with walking paths. Picnic tables and benches were placed throughout. There was even public athletic courts. They were cracked and worn, but usable. These athletic courts were where local youth met and played. People also enfoyed buying sweet ice to eat. They would also buy processed feed from utility droids that cleaned the park. The people would then feed the greenbeaks.


Zeerid Korr went to Karson's Park to meet his daughter,Arra Yooms, and his sister-in-law,Natala Yooms. Arra fed the greenbeaks and then chased them around after getting her hoverchair. Zeerid was being followed by a man named Vrath Xizor while at the park. Zeerid was suspicious of him,but Vrath told Zeerid he was just watching the greenbeaks.

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