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"No. I ditched her on the engineering sublevel. She won't leave me alone."
"She is your mother. It is her job not to leave you alone. You should be nicer to her. Poor fool woman followed you here into this glorious madhouse, this wondrous nation of derangement. Do not shut her out."
―Karteesa and Eleodie talk about the former's estranged relationship with her mother[src]

The mother of Kartessa was a female individual. She was part of a New Republic diplomatic delegation led by Senator Tia'dor Emshwa that traveled to the planet Ithor[1] in 5 ABY[3] during the last throes of the Galactic Civil War. Their CR90 corvette Starfall was boarded by the Super Star Destroyer Annihilator, which had been commandeered by the hermaphrodite alien pirate Eleodie Maracavanya. When Eleodie offered the New Republic crew and passengers the opportunity to join his crew, Kartessa volunteered despite her mother's objections. Eleodie accepted Kartessa's offer and told the mother to respect her daughter's decision. The woman tearfully followed her rebellious daughter aboard the Annihilator.[1] By the time of the Battle of Jakku, Kartessa had grown tired of her mother following her and abandoned her on the engineering sublevel. Eleodie chastised Kartessa for disrespecting her mother.[2]

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Kartessa's mother first appeared as a tertiary character in Chuck Wendig's 2016 novel Aftermath: Life Debt, the second installment in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy. She was briefly mentioned in the 2017 sequel Aftermath: Empire's End.


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    The novel Aftermath says that months have passed since the Battle of Endor. Aftermath: Life Debt begins two months after the end of Aftermath; therefore, the events of the former take place at least four months after the Battle of Endor. Since three months after the Battle of Endor is part of 5 ABY, as shown with Bey and Dameron's settling on Yavin 4, events of Life Debt must take place in 5 ABY at the earliest. On the other hand, the Galactic Atlas dates the Battle of Jakku, as depicted in Life Debt's sequel Aftermath: Empire's End, to 5 ABY as well, leading to the conclusion that Life Debt is set in 5 ABY.
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