Karyn Faro was a human female who served as an officer in the Imperial Navy. She progressed through the ranks eventually reaching the rank of commander by 2 BBY.[1]

Faro was stationed on the Chimaera as a Lieutenant Commander, where she served as a First Officer to Commodore Thrawn. She was later promoted to commander, and given captaincy of the Chimaera.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Faro appeared cynical and sardonic on the surface, and sometimes bordered on insubordinate to her superiors. Her cynicism and errant behavior resulted from her disdain towards officers in the high command, who commonly attaining their positions through their connections, rather than by their own merits.[1]

Having lived through the Clone Wars, Faro possessed great tactical aptitude and recognized similar traits in other officers. She like many other navy officers initially appeared skeptical of Thrawn, but soon recognized his tactical genius and brilliant leadership. Thrawn gained her respect, and she went on to serve him with loyalty and pride. She also recognized the same talents in Thrawn's aide, Eli Vanto, and lauded him for being among among the few officers who could truly understand him.[1]

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