The Kashi Mer Dynasty was an isolationist Human civilization from the planet Kashi in the Phelleem sector.


The dynasty reached its height as the culture discovered ways in which to control and manipulate "the Breath," also known as the Force.

The culture was wiped out when the primary star supporting Kashi went supernova in 25,000 BBY, and the entire system was destroyed. Prior to this, the Kashi Mer talisman was stolen from the planet, and the supernova occurred shortly after the thief, Reda Jalooz returned to the planet seeking forgiveness. The Orixon Nebula's black halo is the remnant of the planet.

The monarchy was guarded by the Royale Macheteros.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Tales of the Jedi Companion describes Kashi Mer culture as still being extant in 4000 BBY. This was contradicted in later sources.



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