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"Caamasi and Alderaanian peace officers, led by Jedi Master Rancisis, arrived at the Trandoshan city of Hsskhor to meet with Kashyyyk Senator Yarua and Trandoshan Speaker-Above-All Hadocrassk."
―Extract from the HoloNet News Vol. 531 48[src]

There were peace negociations that took place at Hsskhor, capital of the planet Trandosha, between representatives of the Trandoshans and the Wookiees from the neighboring Kashyyyk in an effort to end their ancestral conflict. The conference failed after the Trandoshans went behind the Wookiees' back and requested the help of the Trade Federation to earn a seat on the Galactic Senate. Despite the mediating efforts of the Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis, the Wookiee senator Yarua refused to continue the discussions, and withdrew his delegation from the peace talks.


"A long-standing blood-feud between the Wookiees and the Trandoshans have brought their neighboring worlds to the brink of war."
―Extract from the HoloNet News Vol. 531 48[src]

The Wookiees of Kashyyyk and the Trandoshans of Trandosha were two species that hailed from the same star system, in the Mytaranor sector of the galaxy. Around the time of the Jedi Civil War in 3959 BBY, the Trandoshans negotiated with the Czerka Arms corporation to gain slaving rights to their Wookiee neighbors, which started a millennia-long blood-feud between the two species.[3] Thousands of years later, on the third month of 22 BBY, Kashyyyk and Trandosha came at the threshold of a war after a Wookiee transport was attacked over one of Trandosha's moons. In addition to those tensions, the Trandoshans petitioned for representation within the Galactic Senate. While Wookiees delegates traditionally represented the whole Kashyyyk system in the Senate, the Trandoshans maintained it had been to their detriment. It was decided that a series of meeting would be organized to to help foster smoother relations.[1]

The meetingsEdit

"These meetings are meaningless if such actions can go on outside this conference."
―Senator Yarua[src]

The Kashyyyk–Trandosha peace negotiations were set to take place at Tally-house Meeting Halls of Hsskhor, capital city of Trandosha. The Wookiees were represented by Senator Yarua, and the Trandoshans by Speaker-Above-All Hadocrassk. The Galactic Republic also sent a mediation delegation composed Caamasi and Alderaanian diplomats and headed by the Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis. Despite that, the talks started shakily, and continued in the same vein for some time.[1] However, two weeks later, an appeal to the Senate was scheduled by Crovessk, the CEO of Trandosha's Revessa Global Shipping, through contacts with Lott Dod, who represented the Trade Federation conglomerate. When Yarua learned that he had been double-crossed, he got incensed. He stormed out of the negotiations, which he described as "meaningless," after destroying the interpreter droid that translated the talks. Despite their best efforts, Oppo Rancisis and his peace officers failed to persuade the Wookiees against leaving.[2]


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