The Kashyyyk Seagate Wall was a large gray metal structure that served as an observation post and a defensive measure on the Wookiee beach-head. During the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, it served as a command structure overlooking much of the battlefield, as well as a sniping outpost. Apart from open thresholds on either side of the base of the massive wall, and a retractable seagate lying in at its center, there were no openings in the blasterproof structure. This made it a crucial defensive countermeasure for those who had control over the seagate.


The foreboding seagate wall stood before a small Wookiee launching base, near an oil refinery on the beach-head. While the majority of the wall was immobile, the smaller gate at its center was operated by an equally thick mechanical winch on the other side of the wall. During battle, this gate remained closed, thus leaving the command post well defended against enemy artillery. However, the winch keeping the gate locked would release the gate into the ground when disabled; the threshold surrounding the gate was wide enough to allow a tank to enter through, and conquer the vital command post within.

Atop the seagate wall were two concussion cannon turrets and four sniping alcoves. These were the main defenses of the seagate wall, ensuring that no enemy unit or tank would be able to intrude the command post and disable the gate winch.

Of all the command posts on the battlefield, the seagate wall was defended the heaviest by Wookiees and troops. It was vital to those who held the wall for its strength against intrusions: there was virtually no way for an enemy to be able to bypass the wall undetected. The top of the wall was defended by snipers and the two smaller thresholds at its base were narrow and likely well defended by mines. Had an enemy unit been able to bypass the concussion projectiles and sniper rounds, they would be exposed to view on the other side of the wall and in a poor spot.


Battles of KashyyykEdit

One of the major battles in which the seagate wall was most instrumental was the Battle of Kashyyyk. It was an ideal counterattack launching base, as well as an ideal place to shield the Wookiee command base and oil refinery. During the battle, the Republic-held seagate wall fell under heavy siege by CIS forces while Wookiee warriors and Clone Troopers of the 501st Legion swarmed from its base and along its top. During the battle it served as both a command post and a protective barrier, shielding the weaker, more vulnerable oil refinery from even the heaviest of CIS artillery.

Its instrumental role during the battle would be reciprocated almost two decades later, during the Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk. The Wookiees would again use the wall to defend their supply base against the invasion force, this time backed by the Rebel Alliance's troops and fighting off the best efforts of the Galactic Empire. Though the seagate wall would not play as crucial a role in this battle as before, it was still invaluable in the hindering of the oncoming Imperial troops and tanks, as its sheer mass made for an attack aimed directly at the command post behind it tactically nonsensical--if not completely suicidal.

Needless to say, it served its role well in both conflicts: Neither of the invading forces succeeded in their attempts to occupy Kashyyyk because of the presence of the seagate wall, and both events ended in victory, however costly, for the Wookiee defenders and their allies.


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