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This article is about clone trooper armor used in the Galactic Civil War. You may be looking for other uses of the word "Katarn".

An Imperial commando in Mark VI Katarn armor.


A spacer wears Mark V armor.

Katarn armor was a variant of Phase II clone trooper armor that, unlike most Phase II armor sets, enjoyed wide use well into the Galactic Civil War. It shared the name Katarn with another type of armor, Katarn-class commando armor, which it was probably named after, to gain some of the kudos associated with elite commando armor.

Katarn-class commando armor went up to Mark III in its variants, so the Galactic Civil War Katarn armor was presumably trying to mimic this continuation by starting at Mark IV. There were three known classes of Katarn armor- Mark IV, Mark V, and Mark VI, though they varied only cosmetically. Marks IV and V were white with red and blue trim, respectively, somewhat resembling the uniforms of the clone shock troopers and the 501st Legion troopers. Mark VI armor was black with green-yellow trim, similar to that of the clone shadow troopers. Only Mark VI, bearing some resemblance to the 501st Legion markings, was still in use by the Imperial Military by the time of the Galactic Civil War. Large numbers of older Mark IV models found their way into the hands of the Rebel Alliance and were a frequent sight among Rebel operatives, while Mark V armor was mostly used by civilians and mercenaries.

Katarn armor was obtainable from an ex-clone trooper called Mort, who outfitted numerous spacers with the armor.

Behind the scenesEdit


A group of troopers wearing Katarn armor on Mustafar

Katarn armor features in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies and was added to the game with the expansion pack Rage Of The Wookiees. It is a quest reward for completing the quest Avenging Mort, which is part of the Clone Relics quest series. The type of Katarn armor that a player receives for completing the quest depends upon which faction they are allied to, with Rebel-aligned players getting Mark IV, Imperial-aligned players getting Mark VI and neutral players getting Mark V.


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