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A Sulon-based family of farmers, the Katarn family consisted of Morgan, Patricia and Kyle Katarn. Morgan also had a younger sister.


Hologram of Morgan Katarn, the head of the Katarn family until his death.

When Patricia died in an accident involving a faulty perimeter droid, Morgan and Kyle were left to take care of the family farm. Eventually, Kyle entered the Imperial Academy, while Morgan—without Kyle's knowledge—became involved in the local Rebel militia in which he served as a low ranking leader. In an Imperial attack on Sulon led by Jerec and Captain Thrawn, Morgan was captured and later beheaded by Jerec himself. Upon learning what had happened to his father, Kyle, now a graduate of the Academy, deserted the Empire and joined the Rebel Alliance as a freelance mercenary, teaming up with Jan Ors, who eventually also became his love interest.

Kyle and Jan

Rebel hero Kyle Katarn with Jan Ors.

What Kyle did not know was that Morgan was a Force-sensitive, something which Kyle had himself inherited. Kyle's Force skills lay dormant, until he returned to the Katarn farm on Sulon and found a lightsaber and a hologram revealing the truth about the Katarn legacy and its connection with the Force. Kyle would eventually rise to become a powerful Jedi Master in Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order.

Morgan also constructed a droid whom he called WeeGee, who was stored in Morgan's workshop. He was found by Kyle, who took WeeGee with himself, stating that the droid was, apart from himself, the last surviving member of the Katarn Family.

Family treeEdit

                 Unknown parents
      |                                   |
+---Morgan Katarn--+--Patricia Katarn  Unknown female
|              |
WeeGee         |
          Kyle Katarn