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The Katarn family compound was the Katarn family's home on Sulon. This was where Rebel agent Kyle Katarn grew up. The compound was part of the Katarn estate which included a complex system of irrigation channels.


The compound had been in the family's possession since before the birth of Kyle Katarn.[1] Morgan Katarn had embedded a complex map to the Valley of the Jedi in the ceiling of his workshop. During Jerec's quest for the planet, his Dark Jedi had ransacked the place and removed the roof from the workshop. Several corridors, including the one to the workshop were caved in by the remnant forces. Maw had left Grave Tuskens in the vicinity and inside the complex to hinder whomever visited the compound before Jerec had reached the Valley of the Jedi.[2]

Kyle returned to the compound just as the Dark Jedi left, and fought his way through the Grave Tuskens to his father's workshop. In the workshop he discovered the family droid WeeGee, a message from his father, and a lightsaber left by the Jedi Qu Rahn[2]

He would return later with Rebel agent Jan Ors to view a digital version of the map to the Valley of the Jedi, via Weegee and the severed head of the droid 8t88.[2]


The compound consisted of several structures that were connected via passageways and some built into the natural terrain. The rooms in the structures included a kitchen, living room, courtyard, workshop and garage. The house was built around a small waterfall which gave the compound a private dam and water reservoir. The compound was powered by a live battery trench, a pool filled with battery acid.[3]

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In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, level 3: "The Return Home to Sulon" and level 4: "The Jedi's Lightsaber" is played in and outside the Katarn family compound. Despite the illusion in the novellas that the Katarns were not particularly wealthy, the Katarn estate is actually very large as seen in the game. The compound contains many rooms and the irrigation system seems to stretch for miles. The Katarn family compound name was first mentioned in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II: The Official Strategy Guide. [3]



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