"Next! Name, please."
"Let's see—ah, there you are. "Killer" Kateo, butchered an entire squad of Republic soldiers with…a shiv?"
"That's me."
"Someone get this man a blaster! Welcome to the Imperial Army, Kateo. If there's anything else we can get you—maybe something dull and rusty?—just ask!"
―An Imperial recruiter welcomes Kateo into the army — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Kateo, also known as "Killer" Kateo, was a Zabrak male criminal during the Cold War. Among his exploits stood his slaughter of a squad of Galactic Republic soldiers—a feat he accomplished using only a shiv. Kateo was eventually apprehended by Republic forces and send to the prison world of Belsavis to serve his sentence in the maximum-security detention facility known as Belsavis prison. When the Sith Empire learned of the prison's existence and launched an attack to free Republic convicts and Sith prisoners of war, Kateo was released and conscripted into Imperial Military service.[1]


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