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"They say I'm the worst kind of pirate, ambushing unarmed ships to steal their cargoes. I say that's the best kind of pirate."
―Kath Scarlet[src]

This Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft was flown by Kath Scarlet, the Captain of the Binayre Pirates during the Galactic Civil War. Scarlet used the ship to ambush and capture the cargo of unarmed starships passing through Corellian space. When an Imperial squad was dispatched on a Lambda-class shuttle to find and destroy a Rebel base on Talus, Scarlet—thinking it was a cargo ship—used her Firespray to disable and board the vessel as it exited hyperspace but was repelled and forced to escape.


Pirate Trap SOC

Scarlet's Firespray ambushing a lone Z-95 Headhunter

"Permission to come aboard? Oh never mind, I'm already here. I'm Kath Scarlet, captain of the Binayre pirates, and I don't like trouble. Surrender and take me to your cargo hold. Or die. Up to you."
―Kath Scarlet[src]

Before and during the Galactic Civil War, Kath Scarlet would hide her Firespray-31 among asteroids and ambush unarmed merchant vessels, capturing any unwary starships passing through Corellian sector space under the control of the Binayre Pirates—a band of pirates and smugglers based out of the twin worlds of Talus and Tralus.

During the Galactic Civil War, Scarlet's Firespray was nearby when an Imperial squad's Lambda-class T-4a shuttle emerged from hyperspace in the Corellian system on a mission to seek out and destroy a secret Rebel base on Talus. Believing the arriving shuttle to be a cargo vessel, Scarlet attacked with her Firespray, using her ship's ion cannon to target the shuttle's hyperdrive, disabling it and preventing the ship from escaping. Once the shuttle was disabled, Scarlet used the Firespray's grapplers to secure the shuttle to her ship in order to board it with her pirate crew. However, the Imperial forces were able to repel the pirates, forcing Scarlet to escape in her Firespray before the Imperials could give chase.[1]



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