The Senatorial Council in session.

The Kathol Republic Senatorial Council was the ruling body of the Kathol Republic. Consisting of one hundred and fifty-three senators, the body consisted of eleven senators from each of the member worlds of the Republic. From their number, one candidate was elected to be the president. While the president was the leader of the Republic, the Senatorial Council held a great deal of power, including veto power on the actions of the current president. The Council met in the Senatorial Chambers that were usually located on the moon of Dayark.

In 8 ABY, the council was split into many factions, and they usually fell into line behind either the president, Chandra Hobat, or her main rival, Senator Sho'ban Do. Hobat was usually supported by a number of factions, but gradually, resentment for her policies, and the attack on Kathol Republic Navy ships threatened her coalition. Senator Do led the larger faction, which advocated isolationism. Following the loss of two corvettes to outsiders, his policies began to gather more support.



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