"To those who excel in the arts of death: be it known that Lord Kavos, master of combat, seeks a lieutenant to serve him. I seek a worthy right hand to carry out my commands across the galaxy—and profit immensely. Those who think themselves suited should present themselves at the coordinates included in this message. Come prepared."
―An offer from Lord Kavos[src]

Kavos was a male Sith Lord active during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. Lord Kavos single-handedly destroyed a Republic outpost on Brentaal IV, massacring its personnel. He fought and killed two Jedi Knights, Ayesho and Nil, simultaneously without suffering any wounds. His deeds earned him famous recognition and he was a hero among the Imperial masses.

Kavos issued an advertisement for the position of his lieutenant which was intercepted by M1-4X. M1-4X infiltrated and added himself to the fourteen candidates looking to earn Kavos' favor on the desert world of Tatooine. Kavos determined that a fight to the death would determine his champion and M1-4X entered the competition. M1-4X hurled a Nikto thug who was liberally using a flamethrower at Lord Kavos causing the Sith's robes to be ignited, thus distracting him. M1-4X followed up by targeting a nearby Mandalorian using a jetpack and as soon as his velocity and vector were pointed correctly, Forex opened fire and sent him barreling at Kavos and the Nikto. All three died in the resulting explosion. The remaining candidates, having been targeted by the Republic Strategic Information Service, were taken out by M1-4X.


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