Kay Tallon was a female Human who was Adar Tallon's wife.


Adar Tallon, legendary hero from the Clone Wars and later fugitive of the Galactic Empire, faked his own death and went hiding on Tatooine. There, he met and later married Kay. With some savings, Tallon could afford having two servants, Morr and Cala Wenn, and a majordomo droid, LN-26.

After an amount of years living with Adar, a group of bounty hunters came looking for him. Although Adar had friends that helped him to defend himself, such as Vytor Shrike, Jungen and Quist, the old commander decided that he was no longer safe on Tatooine, specially once Quist betrayed him and a team of Rebel agents protecting him. Adar Tallon decided to leave Tatooine and join the Rebel Alliance. Kay and LN-26 would go with him.

After that, Tallon became commanding officer of a small fleet, including the cruiser Silent Water as flagship.


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