"Kayfoundo Naweea" ("Hungry Eyes" in Huttese) was a popular tune of the Cold War era.


Huttese Basic
Ya tuta rah kata
Sa ree stella cheeka
Foo azalus naweea

Me leeah hodrudda
U chess ko, pateesa
Da cheekta kayfoundo naweea

Mo gootu solo
Mo gootu buttmalia
No cheekta smak tellia

Mo gootu solo
Mo gootu
No cheekta

Tee-tocky che me jewz ku
An myo waba un che u
Sa da tah ba du bsha ya

Yocola grancha do
Pateesa, u chess ko
Da cheekta kayfoundo naweea
Kayfoundo naweea
There, in my vision' heart.
Is a very stylish/pretty chick
With dangerous eyes

I'm a nice challenge
You, be careful, my friend
That chick has hungry eyes

Better alone
Better to bet
I'm not her snack

Better alone
Not hers

Time for good-bye
And my wish for you
Is to get out of here.

The large meal is
You, my friend, be careful
That chick has hungry eyes
Hungry eyes

Behind the scenesEdit

"Kayfoundo Naweea" is background music heard in the cantinas of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players can select it in jukeboxes using a jukebox token. It was composed by Peter McConnell.



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