Kaylan Jase was a male member of the Balmorran resistance living during the Galactic War. He was trained by Zenith and Gray Star, the latter eventually send Jase on a mission to Nar Shaddaa, giving him the copy of his private journals, ordering to destroy them in the event of his death. While Jase was on a mission, Gray Star was captured by the Empire and Balmorra was eventually liberated, with Tai Cordan elected a new president. Jase remained unaware of the events, until Zenith tracked him down and, asking for Gray Star's journals. Jase insisted that Gray Star ordered not to show them to anyone, Zenith non-fatally shot him in the limb and took the journals anyway.[1]

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Kaylan Jase is mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic during Zenith companion storyline.


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