Kaylo NaKuda was a male Herglic businessman who owned the Kuda's Compound, a large garage and vehicle dealership that specialized in modifying and repairing swoops. He also oversaw the day-to-day operations of the cantina located on Stend VI called The Pits. He had a personal bodyguard called Chugg, a Reigat, who also served as the bar bouncer.


Kaylo was a long term friend of Yin Vocta, the owner of Bantha Traxx and head of Vector Technologies (Vec-Tech). He would often incorporate Vec-Tech technology during speeder modifications. He was also a crime lord using his garage as a cover for his operations. He hired actors to pretend to be mechanics while the real operation took place in an underground garage. There he employed slaves like Sil Vaturha to fix broken swoops. In addition almost every part and vehicle he sold was stolen. He employed the Razer swoop gang who acquired most of his stolen merchandise.

At one time he sponsored Team NaKuda, a swoop racing team, but as he never gambled on swoop races he quickly became bored with the endeavor and disbanded the team despite their early success. When one of his racers, Chugg, was badly injured in a crash Kaylo helped nurse him back to health resulting in Chugg pledging his loyalty towards Kaylo.

At some point his criminal operations became known to agents of the Sector Rangers, a law enforcement agency and officer Narra Mesyne, under the alias of 'Miraj', infiltrated the racing circuit of the Pits in order to observe Kaylo's operation and gather evidence. Kaylo began to suspect that someone was snooping around his operation but had not been able to identify exactly who it was.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Herglic crime lord was an extremely shrewd businessman squeezing profits anyway he could. By employing slave labor and selling stolen parts he was able to turn his business into almost pure profit. He was ruthless and took risks as he was willing to enslave customers who seemed mechanically inclined to force them into his secret underground garage. Unlike most of his species, Kaylo did not have an obsession with gambling and actually despised betting on swoop races.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

A criminal mastermind, Kaylo was very skilled at social interactions whether it be intimidation, persuasion, leadership or sales. He was had some technical abilities being able to fix computers and ground vehicles. As a combatant he was mediocre with only modest ability with a blaster however he his natural armor and strength made him a potent brawler.


He normally carried very little around on him, typically just a datapad and a Vec-Tech V3 Vanguard. He also carried a comlink and the tracking unit for a Vec-Tech AA-2 Keeper subdermal control system that was installed on his slaves.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kaylo NaKuda was designed by Paul Danner and Bill Smith for Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy, a supplement for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was published by West End Games in 1997. His name also appears in the Ultimate Alien Anthology as an example of a Herglic name.


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