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Ke Daiv was a Blood Carver hunter.


An orphan, Daiv was adopted into the family of one of the last Blood Carver clans. The clan leader commanded Daiv to take the son of his benefactor on a ritual feragriff hunt on one of Coruscant's moons, despite the fact it was prophesied he would die of a head wound. Daiv accidentally killed the young Blood Carver with a stray shot to the head, for which he was exiled from his tribe.

He was hired by dissident members of the Trade Federation to kill Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker for his role in the Battle of Naboo. In 29 BBY he very nearly killed Anakin during a Pit race in the Wicko District Garbage Pit, however Obi-Wan arrived just in time to foil his attempt to kill Anakin, Ke Daiv barely managed to escape from the encounter with his life. Shortly after his failure to Anakin during the garbage pit race, Wilhuff Tarkin sent him to Zonama Sekot to buy one of their starships. Daiv kidnapped Skywalker and a young Jabitha when Tarkin launched his attack on the planet. At the ruins of the Magister's Palace, Skywalker killed Daiv with the Force, an action he regretted. Daiv was burned from the inside-out.



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