Ke Len was a female Blood Carver bounty hunter and slave.


Ke Len belonged to Chevin slaver Phylus Mon. Along with Ku-Kak, Mischa Vorfren and other slaves, Ke Len was a part of Phylus Mon's security entourage. Lacking any Force-sensitivity, Ke Len was a gunner, protecting Phylus Mon with a light repeating blaster. In close combat, she would maneuver to stealthily attack with a vibroblade or a heavy blaster pistol.

Like all of Phylus Mon's slaves, Ke Len had an inserted explosive that would kill her should Phylus Mon die for any reason. Ke Len knew that the explosive in her chest could be deactivated if hit by an ion weapon, but Phylus Mon did not allow any ion weapon in his ship, the Animiasma. Ke Len hated Phylus Mon, but did not dare to turn against him.

In around 20 BBY,[1] the Animiasma traveled to the Cularin system as a part of Phylus Mon's plan to repair the damaged Sith artifact known as the Darkstaff. Phylus Mon was analyzing the Staff when it suddenly disappeared. Seconds later, a team opposed to Phylus Mon's interests burst in the throne room. At her master's signal, Ke Len tried to barrage the enemies.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Living Force Campaign Guide states that the Living Force campaign is set one year after the Invasion of Naboo, an event that is dated to 32 BBY by The New Essential Chronology. As the Living Force adventure Philology moved the campaign forward ten years to the time of the Clone Wars, and the adventure Night's Homecoming established that by Year 4 of the campaign over a year had elapsed since the events of Philology, A Mon Alone can therefore be dated to circa 20 BBY.