Kearn-sa'Davit was a Videllan male member of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.


In the year 2 ABY, Davit was making a deal between a merchant consortium and a rebel delegation to raise urgent needed resources for the completion of the Echo Base on the planet Hoth. However, they were betrayed by a member of the consortium called Janlan, who passed on his information to the local Pirate Aral tukor Viest, in exchange for the protection of the pirates. Shortly before the deal came, the merchant ship was attacked and abducted by pirates. Together with the over 20 passengers, Davit was taken to an ancient asteroid mine, the local headquarters of Viest, where he and the others were locked in jail cells. That was when Princess Leia Organa of House Organa and Han Solo, who had themselves caught up with the crew of the Alderaan cannonboat Aegis rescued Davit and his fellow detainees from their captivity.

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