"My name is Kebla Yurt. Welcome to the Equipment Emporium—finest selection of supplies in all of Taris."
―Yurt welcoming a customer to her shop[src]

Kebla Yurt was a Human female who by 3963 BBY was the owner of the Equipment Emporium, the largest store in the Upper City of Taris. In 3956 BBY, the Sith Empire invaded the planet, confiscating her heavy weapons and impounding her flight-worthy transports.

During the blockade, Yurt met with the Galactic Republic trooper Revan and they discussed matters such as life on Taris, the Sith occupation, Davik Kang's Exchange crime operation, and the swoop gangs that were active in the Lower City. Revan also visited to Yurt's store to buy a permacrete detonator for 50 credits, which he used to fake the death of Matrik, a former Exchange member with a bounty on his head.


"You looking to buy some supplies? My shop's the largest one in all of Upper Taris. Best selection on the planet. Whatever you need, I've got."

Kebla Yurt was a female Human who owned the largest shop in the Upper City of Taris, the Equipment Emporium, by the time of the Mandalorian siege of Taris in 3963 BBY. During the siege, Yurt housed Taris Holofeed reporters and staff for one night, after their offices at Highpoint were destroyed.[2]

By 3956 BBY,[3] most of her inventory was sourced from the Exchange, an interstellar crime syndicate whose operations on Taris were managed by Davik Kang, to whom she also paid a reasonably priced monthly protection fee. When the Sith Empire invaded the planet during the Jedi Civil War, they confiscated all of Yurt's heavy weapons stock, as well as impounding her ships and swoop bikes. The Sith also imposed a blockade, which affected her business to the point where she could barely keep her doors open.[1]

Meeting RevanEdit

In the same year as the Sith occupation of Taris, Galactic Republic soldiers Carth Onasi and Revan entered the Emporium. Seeking information about a number of escape pods that had crash-landed on Taris, the trio began a conversation. Yurt confirmed that reports and rumors about downed Republic pods were circulating, and that other parties besides the Sith were interested in finding them; these included the Exchange and a number of swoop gangs including the Hidden Beks and Black Vulkars. When asked about Kang and the gangs, Yurt informed the pair that conditions in the Lower City were becoming more and more dangerous due to the fighting going on between them.[1][4]

At some point, Revan encountered Matrik, a Twi'lek who was living in a run-down apartment in the Lower City. A former member of the Exchange, Matrik described how he had grown disillusioned with the criminal syndicate and eventually testified against it to officials. For this, Exchange boss Kang had a bounty placed on his head. After suggesting that Matrik fake his own death, Revan was told of a way to do so, by acquiring a permacrete detonator that could be used to destroy the apartment and make it appear as though Matrik had died in the blast. Revan went to the Emporium, purchased the device from Yurt, and gave it to Matrik, who set the explosives off before disappearing.[1][5][6]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Taris isn't so bad, as long as you stay in the Upper City. Just try to avoid the Sith. And stay out of the Lower City. The swoop gangs are totally out of control."
―Yurt's opinions about life on Taris[src]

Yurt was helpful to potential customers, readily answering questions about herself. However, she was wary voicing her opinions on the Sith and Davik. Although she disliked the Sith presence in the Upper City, Yurt believed it was better than conditions in the Lower City, where swoop gangs such as the Black Vulkars terrorized citizens. If approached by a Sith trooper, Yurt would become defensive and refuse to answer questions, claiming she was just a simple shopkeeper and would not know anything important.[1]

Yurt refused to negotiate on the prices she set for her stock. Even though she was suspicious as to how Kang obtained the items that he sold to her, she knew better than to ask too many questions. Yurt was also known to take an interest in both legal and illegal dueling on Taris.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Hey, look who's back—the Mysterious Stranger! You know, I had a front row seat when you gunned down Bendak Starkiller. Best duel I've ever seen! If times weren't so tough I'd give you a discount, seeing as how you're a big celebrity and all."
―Yurt, if Revan non-canonically duels and defeats Bendak Starkiller[src]

Yurt's first appearance in canon was as a non-player character in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game, where the player, Revan, can purchase items from her shop, which include medpacs, security spikes, armor suits, swords, blasters, grenades, belts, mines, and the permacrete detonator. She was later mentioned in Prima Games' guide to the game, as well as The Taris Holofeed: Invasion Edition, an addition to Knights of the Old Republic 18: Nights of Anger, Part 3.

This article assumes that Revan only visited Yurt twice, once after the dueling ring quests, and again to buy the permacrete detonator for Matrik. However, since Knights of the Old Republic is a game in which the player has the freedom to go wherever they wish, Revan may in reality have visited Yurt any number of times during his stay on Taris, either to ask questions or to buy items.[1]

If the player chooses dark side options in the game and arrange an illegal death match in the Taris dueling ring with Bendak Starkiller, Yurt would recognize Revan as the "Mysterious Stranger," one of the contenders fought in the Taris dueling ring. If the player does fight Bendak and kills him, Yurt tells him that if times weren't so tough due to the blockade, she would offer a discount on her inventory. She also says this to Revan if the player visits her after winning the Tarisian Season Opener.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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