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Keejins, or cave crawlers to most explorers, were a species of omnivorous scavengers that could be found in the deepest caverns of many worlds and moons, including Thila and Yavin 4. Using special air filtering abilities, these animals could survive in a wide range of environments, including the innards of large spaceborne creatures such as space slugs and miner's horrors. One subspecies could even survive in the vacuum of space.

The keejins possessed two hands, each of which had two claws. They slowly dragged their one- to two-meter long bodies through caves with their claws and tails. The distinctive cracking and scraping sounds these creatures made as they picked their way through caves frightened many explorers, though they were in fact not generally dangerous. However, there were at least two documented instances of larger cave crawlers dropping from the roofs of caves and attacking explorers.

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