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Keela Nakay was a Balawai teenager who lived in Haruun Kal during the Clone Wars. She was Pell's sister. While fleeing a battle during the Summertime War, she, Pell, Terrel Nakay, Urno, and Nykl had an accident when their steamcrawler became stuck in a lava flow, but Jedi Master Mace Windu managed to save them. Keela's mother, along with a group of Balawai, were searching for them, but when they finally found the children and Master Windu, Kar Vastor and his akk guards and akk dogs attacked them. Keela escaped unhurt but her mother was killed. She and the other children also witnessed the brutal murder of Terrel at the hands of Vastor. Keela, along with other Balawai prisoners, were delivered by Windu to a steamcrawler path where the prisoners were spotted and rescued by a Balawai gunship. Looking upon the children one final time, Mace only hoped that Keela and the others would one day be able to look at a Jedi without hatred in their hearts.



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