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"From the look of things... nobody's held any rites here in a long, long time!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

The Keeper's Temple was a collection of ruins on the Keeper's World connected via teleportal to a massive underground complex that housed The Keeper and her creations.


The Keeper's Temple was in two parts, one above ground and one below. The above ground portion was a ruined temple complex in the jungles of Keeper's World. The ruin was comprised of crumbling stone edifices with intricate patterns and designs carved in relief into the stone walls. Within the ruins was a teleportal that served to transport occupants between the above ground temple and the vast network of caverns below.[1]

Below the temple was a massive cavern complex, where high technology was situated among rough rock cavern walls. These caverns housed and protected The Keeper as she went about her work of restoring the planet.[2][3]



The Keeper in her cavern

The Keeper was created by the original inhabitants of the Keeper's World, to restore the planet after it was devastated by a war.[4]

In 0 ABY a group of Rebels consisting of Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 crashed on the Keeper's World while fleeing Imperial forces during the Battle of The Keeper's World. The Imperials cornered the Rebels within the above ground temple ruins, but the Rebels were able to flee through use of the teleportal.[1]

The Imperials soon pursued the Rebels through the teleportal into the underground caverns. The Rebels were now being assisted by the Keeper's creations, who controlled the elements of Earth, Fire, Rain, and Wind.[3] The Keeper saw the encroaching battle as a threat to its mission to restore the planet, so she protected the Rebels while creating groundquakes and other catastrophes that drove the Imperials from the caverns. Although it appeared that the caverns exploded, collapsed, or were otherwise rendered unstable during this display, after the Imperials had fled the Keeper restored her environment to its normal stability. Thus the sanctity of the temple was preserved, and the Keeper could continue with her mission.[5]


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