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The Keeper's World system was a star system located in the Outer Rim Territories. It contained Keeper's World.


The Keeper's World system was an uncharted star system in the Sprizen sector.[1] It contained one planet of note, the Keeper's World, a planet with a temperate climate suitable for life. The environment of the Keeper's World was artificially created by The Keeper.[2]


Long before the Galactic Civil War the Keeper's World system was caught up in another war which devastated the system and rendered its primary planet uninhabitable. In the face of this war the spacefaring race which dwelled on the Keeper's World fled the system, leaving behind The Keeper to restore their planet in preparation for their eventual return.[2]

In 0 ABY an Imperial fleet was patrolling the uncharted system when a hyperdrive malfunction sent a Rebel scout craft into their midst, sparking the Battle of The Keeper's World.[3] During the course of that battle the Imperial commander in charge of the fleet became erroneously convinced that the Keeper's World was dangerously unstable. He informed the Imperial Navy to stay away from the Keeper's World system in the future.



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