"Welcome, Master Skywalker. And you must be his blushing bride."
―Kei Ras Cirali welcoming Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker[src]

Kei Ras Cirali was the Second Agricultural Coordinator for the world that Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker went to for their second honeymoon. He handled most of the coordination for the agricultural area east of the Karrish mountain range, a good-sized region that was called the second most important on the planet. His role was a partially hereditary role that dated back to the days of the old Sultaries. Having dealt with Luke before, Cirali, on one occasion, let the couple stay at his retreat in a cave at the base of Karrish Prime. His retreat was formerly the Third Sultara's and was called the finest in the sector. Cirali had specially furnished the retreat with Mara's favorite things before their arrival, such as velanie flowers and kithra sonatas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kei Ras Cirali was created by author Timothy Zahn for the short story Judge's Call. Interestingly, his first two names are a portmanteau of another of Zahn's characters, the pirate Rei'Kas from the Hand of Thrawn duology.


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