"Mand'alor, Udelen's ship just landed at the spaceport."
"I'll be right behind him. Keep an eye on him in the mean time."
"We keep an eye on everyone."
Keldabe ATC and Boba Fett[src]

The Keldabe spaceport was located in the city of Keldabe,[1] the planet Mandalore's longstanding capital.[4] Overseen by Keldabe Air Traffic Control, the spaceport was the busiest on Mandalore,[3] due to Keldabe's nature as a major hub for the planet[5] and a governmental center for most of Mandalorian space.[4] Many Mandalorian pilots made use of the hundred-meter-tall tower of the MandalMotors company to manually navigate their way to and around the spaceport.[2] The spaceport's landing strips were made of flat permacrete.[3]

Around 18 BBY, the Jedi Knight-in-hiding Jax Pavan landed at the Keldabe spaceport when he journeyed to Mandalore in search of information on the whereabouts of his friend and Whiplash comrade, Thi Xon Yimmon.[6] Following the death of Galactic Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, the Mandalorian Protectors established a virtual lockdown on Mandalorian space which they patrolled with a fleet of Pursuer-class enforcement ships. When presented with a hostile capital ship, the Mandalorian Protectors forcibly boarded the ship, captured its bridge, and delivered it to Mandalore's spaceport[7] in Keldabe.[4] During the lead up to the Yuuzhan Vong War years later, Mand'alor Boba Fett met with the Yuuzhan Vong's scout, Nom Anor, at the Keldabe spaceport, all the while under the watchful eye of Keldabe Air Traffic Control.[1]

In 41 ABY, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo was directed to land at the Keldabe spaceport by Keldabe Air Traffic Control when she traveled to Mandalore seeking the aid of Boba Fett. Escorted to the landing strip by a Bes'uliik-class starfighter, Solo touched down at the spaceport, where she was met by the Mandalorian soldier Goran Beviin and taken to meet Fett at the Oyu'baat cantina in Keldabe. At the time of Solo's visit, the spaceport was packed with numerous Mandalorians arriving on Mandalore from across the galaxy, summoned by the Mand'alor in order to bolster the recovery of the Mandalorian homeworld in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong's attack on the planet decades prior.[3]

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The Keldabe spaceport first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 2006 e-novella Boba Fett: A Practical Man, by author Karen Traviss.[1] Traviss later featured the spaceport in her Legacy of the Force novel Legacy of the Force: Revelation, released February 26, 2008,[3] and her Republic Commando novel, Order 66, published September 16, 2008.[2] The Keldabe spaceport later made a brief appearance in the novel The Last Jedi, written by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, and published on February 26, 2013.[6]



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