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"A physical address—how quaint. I often forget how backward these Outer Rim worlds can be. I suppose I should despair of finding any parts worth purchasing."
"The advertisement said they had a plethora of parts to meet special needs."
"Hm. Probably special if one is planning an act of piracy."
I-5YQ and Den Dhur[src]

A warehouse store was located in the city of Keldabe, capital city of the planet Mandalore. Located within a large warehouse facility, the business stocked and sold a variety of used droid parts and specialty equipment. Owned by a Mandalorian woman, the store was staffed by herself and a protocol droid, who manned a desk in the store's front lobby and greeted potential customers. The store's expansive inventory was housed within the building's large warehouse facility, on shelving racks and in hanging nets that rose up several floors in height. Four powered staircases, one for each of the warehouse's walls, provided access to the collection of mechanical equipment. Armaments and specialty equipment was located primarily on the easternmost wall, and within a secure room close by.[1]

Around 18 BBY, the store and its owner sold a selection of equipment to the Galactic Empire. Shortly thereafter, the Sullustan by the name of Den Dhur came to the Keldabe retailer for parts to upgrade his droid companion I-5YQ. Upon learning of the recent transactions with the Empire, Dhur—an ally of the anti-Imperial Whiplash organization—offered to reward the proprietor with additional credits for a manifest of what goods the Empire had purchased.[1]

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The nameless warehouse store in Keldabe first appeared in Star Wars canon in the novel The Last Jedi, co-written by authors Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, and published February 26, 2013.


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