"It's quality blue, I'm telling you. Straight from a Twi'lek freighter!"
―Kelkan D'vrosh, on the ryll that was raided from the Astan Tor[src]

Kelkan D'vrosh was a male Human drug dealer who resided in the city Gadrin on the planet Cularin.


Kelkan D'vrosh was a male Human who lived on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He was trained as a soldier and a spy, and at one point, D'vrosh served a group of SoroSuub Corporation executives as a bodyguard. He later left their service and became employed by the Trade Federation, but he increasingly found himself being asked by the Federation to do illegal acts, and the pressure of his work caused his morals to be eroded. He left the Federation prior to the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY and became involved in illegal activities, such as theft, piracy and handling illicit goods.

D'vrosh eventually became a drug dealer and took up residence a small, pre-fabricated building in the factory zone of the city Gadrin. In about 31 BBY, D'vrosh obtained possession some ryll that had been captured during a pirate raid on the freighter Ashtan Tor, and he added an additive to the drugs. However, unknown to D'vrosh, the ryll had already been treated with a medical additive, and the two additives reacted to each other and turned the ryll into a deadly toxin. D'vrosh subsequently sold some of the tainted ryll to his friend Merik Darou, an assistant of Lavina Wren, Cularin's senator, and after consuming some of the drug, Darou entered a coma. D'vrosh believed that Darou's condition would led to him being arrested, so he purchased a ticket to journey aboard the White Nova, a laxurious star liner that was due to travel from Cularin to the planet Coruscant. Dvrosh traveled up to the vessel aboard a shuttle and hid himself in the ship's hold, from where he planned to slip out with the liner's cargo when the White Nova arrived on Coruscant. However, a group of freelance agents were sent by Lavina Wren to find D'vrosh, and they captured him from the hold before the liner departed from the Cularin system.