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Kelko was a Rodian fringer and later businessman.


Kelko was born outside of marriage to a couple of Rodians whose identities are unknown. The couple belonged to different warring clans, and, knowing that their love was forbidden, fled from Rodia to Ryloth. They were found and killed in Sal'kaasa on Ryloth by assassins working for a third Rodian clan—one that wanted the conflict between the clans of Kelko's parents to grow stronger until both clans destroyed each other.[1]

Kelko was found by a Rodian mechanic, Dindoo, who took him in and raised him as a son. Both Kelko and Dindoo believed that Kelko's parents had abandoned him, not knowing that he was an orphan.[1]

As Dindoo was poor, Kelko had to work, becoming a rycrit shepherd and Dindoo's assistant in his shop. Unfortunately, Dindoo was killed because of a sabacc disagreement, after which Kelko had to demonstrate his resourcefulness in order to keep Dindoo's business active.[1]

Unexpectedly, Kelko kept the business going and even started a side business, Dindoo Tours, a few years later, where he took tourists to see the Bright Lands in a shielded speeder bus. While continuing his repair job, he highly enjoyed the "freedom" of the tours.[1]

Unluckily, the speeder bus was destroyed in a strange incident which involved a rampaging lylek, two swoops and a wealthy Twi'lek politician's daughter. Details are unclear, but Kelko decided that his health depended on a change of scenery. Thus he hurriedly left Ryloth in a freighter going to the Outer Rim. Not surprisingly, he was trying to avoid Twi'lek politicians after this.[1]

Once again, Kelko had to make a living doing any job he could, at the same time scouting the Outer Rim. As skillful as he was, he saved enough credits to buy a second-hand repair droid called WED00-88, or "Weedo". In his spare time, he began tinkering with the droid, making such adjustments as a disguised blaster mount. Kelko has also been seen alongside the likes of Vor'en Kurn, Arani Korden, Rann I-Kanu, Rorworr, Deel Surool (strangely a Twi'lek) and Sia-Lan Wezz.

In 31 BBY, Kelko was seen in Genarius, a gas giant in the Cularin system.

He was the manager of the Grande Game casino, and locals considered him a small, sleazy person who disliked his middle-class clientele. Kelko was indeed a common sight in his own casino, always being there to ensure people were spending money and not winning too much—he was ready to cheat to stop them. Should Kelko find a costumer questioning another one without permit, Kelko would throw the offender from his club, something that was unusual for other businessmen to do after only one offense. Kelko used an old protocol droid, S2-36B, as a translator. A Near-Human by the name of Aria wanted to show her skills to convince Kelko to hire her; however, Kelko would rather allow her to work for free in his place.[2]

Kelko and Weedo found something similar to a semi-permanent job on Shusko Station: a mining operation on Gam Tim'nisi asteroid belt, somewhat near Bespin. Kelko was apparently eager to take almost any job for a price.[1]

After a year of working on the station, Kelko was found by Govenni, his grandfather, who explained to him that his father's clan had finally signed peace with his mother's, joining against a common foe—coincidentally, the clan that had killed both of them. Govenni was already old at that time, so he set out to find his lost grandson, a task that had taken him several years. But this was not only for the purpose of a family reunion; Kelko was rich, and the now-united clan owned several businesses throughout the galaxy, including Shusko Station, and Kelko was to choose at least one for himself (although some of his relatives didn't approve of the idea).[1]

Kelko decided to take control of Shusko Station, instead of some of the more lucrative businesses. A few years later, Shusko Station became one of the most profitable small mining operations in the Outer Rim. Kelko also obtained a new personal ship, Dindoo's Glory, in which he would take trips with his trusty old mechanic friend Weedo.[1]


Kelko and Arani try to elude the Empire

Kelko married a Rodian female, Shinba, and had two children.[1]

During the Clone Wars, Kelko once again worked alongside Arani Korden, surveying a pitched battle.

Kelko was also together with Korden in an Imperial-run city some time after the war ended, hiding while she attempted to bluff her way past an interested officer.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kelko's image was first used in Star Wars Roleplaying Game, as an example of a first-level character from the Fringer class. His background would be later provided by Wizards of the Coast on its webpage. Since the Saga Edition of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game was published by Wizards of the Coast, Kelko's class has been altered to Scout because of the elimination of the fringer class.

Kelko appears as a non-playable character in the role-playing game adventure Clouded Paths.



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