"Kellsara Llkench puts a shame to us all, my friend… She'll teach you a thing or two about killing before the sun sets."
―One of Llkench's associates[src]

Kellsara Llkench was a humanoid female who worked as an assassin in the last decades of the Galactic Republic. A legendary mercenary, she was reputed for being "the assassin's assassin." At some point before 13:2:28 GRS, Llkench was hired by the burgeoning Separatist Alliance to kill Palpatine, then Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. Along with three Humans and a Yuzzem, Llkench infiltrated the Naboo Embassy on Coruscant, which the Chancellor was meant to visit. While some of her associates were posing as chefs in the embassy's kitchens, Llkench and another man first tried to shoot Captain Gregar Typho of the Royal Naboo Security Forces, who was responsible for the building's security. That attempt, and consequently the whole plan, was foiled when Security Advisor Jar Jar Binks intervened. Because of Binks' fortunate clumsiness, Llkench and her men were knocked out when a group of spherical sentinel droids fell on their heads. All five mercenaries were put in the custody of the Naboo Security Forces, and Bnks was made Associate Planetary Representative for Naboo in the Galactic Senate.


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