Kelmont was an officer of the small Imperial garrison on Troska, and a close friend of then Lieutenant Manech; however he was unaware that Manech was attempting to expose their commanding officer, Sev Buzk, for his abuse of power. After Manech hired the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett to deal with the rebellious Kyber Royal Family on the planet, during which Fett destroyed their fuel Refinery Six-Two-Two and killed the crown prince, Torino Kyber, Kelmont reported the events to Buzk, not knowing it was planned by Manech. The furious Buzk then ordered his men to attack the royal palace. Eventually, Kyber was arrested by the Empire for his extortion of the Kybers, and Manech was promoted to Sector Commander, while Kelmont was rewarded for his loyalty with a promotion to Executive Adjunct.



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