"Mining experts, my left gill! They're spies, I tell you. Do not trust them, I implore you, Chief Manager."
―Kelmut Wolg[src]

Kelmut Wolg was a male Quarren who lived on the planet of Mon Calamari during the Galactic Civil War.


Kelmut Wolg was a male Quarren who served as the Assistant Manager of the city Morjanssik on the planet of Mon Calamari during the Galactic Civil War. Wolg believed that the Quarren should not get involved in the war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance and as a result, he disagreed with the decision by the Mon Calamari Council, the planet's governing body, to affiliate Mon Calamari with the Rebel Alliance. In an attempt to cause the Council to dissolve their pact with the Alliance, Wolg began working with a group of Imperial saboteurs that had traveled to Mon Calamari as part of a project to prevent the planet from supplying starships to the Rebel Alliance. In return, the saboteurs promised Wolg that once the Council had separated its ties with Alliance, the Empire would allow Mon Calamari to become independent.

The Alliance sent a team of agents to Morjanssik to investigate disruption that the Imperials had caused in the city's mine and the Mon Calamari Council representative Kalbrac introduced the agents to Wolg and Moren Chonk, the city's Chief Manager and Wolg's superior. The Imperials later murdered Chonk and Wolg was subsequently appointed as Morjanssik's Acting Manager. Wolg blamed the Rebels for Monk's death and he immediately issued a warrant for the Rebels' arrest. The Rebels eventually tracked down and defeated the Imperial infiltrators, and Wolg handed himself over to them and confessed to the role that he had played in the sabotage.


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