Kelric was a male Herglic who worked alongside the smuggler Shella Rinou. Originally a police officer on his homeworld, he resigned when his government decided to collaborate with the Empire rather than resist. Kelric drifted from world to world, finding work as a bodyguard and security guard until he joined with Malcolm Dallory. He served as a troubleshooter for Dallory's growing trading empire, running down rumors, serving as a liaison between buyers and sellers, fending off criminal extortion, and the like. When Dallory's daughter, Shella, was old enough to set out on her own, Kelric accompanied her, keeping her out of trouble.

At some point, Kelric journeyed to Rodia to deliver a cargo of weapons to a client. However, the client had vanished and the leader of a local population of Chekkoo Rodians claimed him to have "shucumbed to the dangers of our Ekloska forests." The Rodians moved in on Kelric and Shella to take the weapon shipment, however the two smugglers made their escape in time.