"Looks like the Kem Stor Ai dispute will be the next to boil over."
Supreme Commander Cha Niathal[src]

Kem Stor Ai was a planet located in the Tennuutta sector of the Mid Rim.


"Anxious times for us, when Murkhana challenges our markets, and now Kem Stor Ai talks of war with Murkhana, which is too close for the hives' taste."
Sass Sikili to Mand'alor Boba Fett[src]

Kem Stor Ai talked of war with the planet Murkhana during the turmoil of the Second Galactic Civil War. The eruption of a conflict between the two worlds was of great concern for the Verpine who thought that Murkhana could use this conflict to attack the Roche asteroid field.[2]



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