Ken-Giree was a male T'surr member of Ken-Kiba's spice runner gang operating on Telerath.


In 19 BBY he oversaw slave labor on Telerath's second moon, when a former Jedi Dass Jennir arrived at the scene. Jennir pretended to require help with his astromech droid, but was told by Ken-Giree to go away. The droid, H2, spotted Nosaurians among the slaves and Jennir, remembering his bitter experience with Bomo Greenbark, attacked the gangsters with a blaster, while they were only armed with vibroswords according to the sword law. Ken-Giree ordered his men to retreat inside the nearby building, while Jennir followed them, using the Force to blast the gangsters with lethal efficiency. Noticing the opponent's use of the Force, Ken-Giree realized that he was dealing with the Jedi and began taunting him, mocking the Jedi's loss in the Clone Wars. He then grabbed a Nosaurian slave girl and declared that he would kill her, unless the Jedi will surrender his blaster. Jennir threw the blaster at Ken-Giree, who released the girl and prepared to grab it, but then Jennir used the Force to summon the blaster back at his hand. He then Force pulled the swords out of the remaining T'surri's hand and shot all three of them.


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