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Production information



Hapan Battle Dragon

Technical specifications

500 meters

Hyperdrive rating


Docking bays

Capture hangar



Present for battles/events

Lalu Morwan


Kendall was a Hapan Battle Dragon of the Hapan Royal Navy in 35 ABY. Aleson Gray was its commander and Lalu Morwan served as flight surgeon.


Kendall was a 500 meter long Hapan Battle Dragon produced by Olanji/Charubah. Equipped with both a hyperdrive and sublight drives, the cruiser possessed a capture hangar and a durasteel walled hold which featured a single observation bubble. Kendall also had departure alarms, which were used to announce an imminent jump to hyperspace, and intercoms installed.


Killik troublesEdit

The Kendal was serving with the Hapes Consortium's Royal Navy and had been given to Dukat Aleson Gray of House AlGray to command[1] by the year 35 ABY, at the time of the Dark Nest Crisis; involving the Killiks of the Colony, the Chiss Ascendancy, and the Galactic Alliance and its New Jedi Order, the crisis took place in the Unknown Regions before leading to the Swarm War. With the Colony encroaching on Chiss space in the Gyuel system and threatening to escalate the conflict, Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo dispatched the Fleet of the Glorious Defender Queen with Kendall as its flagship to aid the Killiks and dissuade the Chiss from immediately assaulting the Killiks.

While the fleet was on its way to the planet Qoribu, Kendall encountered the freighter the Millennium Falcon, which was going under the alias Longshot. Though the Hapan crew of Kendall wished to impound the freighter, when they discovered that it was the Millenium Falcon and was holding the parents—Leia Organa and Han Solo—of the Queen Mother's new consort Jedi Jacen Solo, Gray let the them continue on their way. The Hapan forces under Gray did not immediately engage those of the Chiss when they arrived in the Gyuel system, but it was soon revealed to the leaders of both fleet groups by Organa and Solo that Qoribu's moon of Kr was the current site of the Gorog Kiliiks—who wanted the Dark Nest Crisis to escalate into further violence—and that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his wife were fighting them on Kr. This prompted the Chiss and the Hapan fleets to attack one another after both tried to aid the Jedi and refused to back down.

However, after the Gorog were defeated and the misunderstandings sorted out, a plan was made to move the Killiks of the Taat nest from Qoribu to another system not under Chiss control. To achieve this, Kendall transported the Killiks away from Qoribu in its hold as the Fleet of the Glorious Defender Queen departed the Gyuel system.

Flagship of the Heritage FleetEdit

BY 40 ABY during the Second Galactic Civil War, when the Galactic Alliance was fighting the planet of Corellia's Five Worlds government, Kendall was still in service. That year, Ducha AlGray of the House Algray and the Heritage Council of Hapan nobles conspired with the Five Worlds to other throw Queen Mother Djo to keep Hapes independent of the Galactic Alliance. Kendall became the flagship of the council's Heritage Fleet, and staged with the rest of the fleet, and three Corellian Dreadnaughts, at a comet, where they arrayed themselves in a three-dimensional diamond formation to attack the planetary defenses of Hapes.

Just before Kendall and the Heritage Fleet departed for their attack, the Millennium Falcon once again under the alias Longshot found the fleet, as Lalu Morwan, a Hapan operative for the Heritage council, was aboard in addition to Organa and Solo. Despite Morwan wanting to board the Battle Dragon, AlGray, serving as the commander of Kendall, did not allow this due to time constraints, and the battle group departed for Hapes with the Millenium Falcon tagging along. However, Organa and Solo betrayed the reversion coordinates of the Heritage Fleet to Djo, and when Kendall and the fleet exited hyperspace at Hapes, they were set upon by Hapan forces loyal to the Queen Mother immediately. The Heritage Fleet was badly damaged by the surprise attack, and Kendall soon had a quarter of the Hapan Royal Navy firing upon it. In the end, the Hapan loyalists defeated the Heritage Council and their Corellian allies with the help of the Galactic Alliance.


Notes and referencesEdit

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