Leia Organa: "Oh, Luke…I feel so…responsible…"
Kiro: "No! No one is responsible! No one but her!"
―Leia Organa and Kiro[src]

Kendle was an Inleshat female and the temporary leader of the Iskalonian School on Iskalon a short time after the Battle over Coruscant.


Kendle was born on the planet Iskalon, and she eventually fell in love with and married Mone, a fellow Iskalonian and the son of Primor, the leader of the School. Kendle cared deeply for her husband and father-in-law and resolved to keep them safe no matter the cost. When the Galactic Empire came to the Iskalon system and began to subjugate the neighboring worlds of Gamandar and Telfrey, Kendle feared for the fate of her world and decided to aide the Empire in order to protect her family from the same type of destruction. When the Rebel heroes Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker arrived on Iskalon to open negotiations with the School, Kendle subsequently opened communication with Admiral Griggor Tower, the head of the Imperial operation on Gamandar.

Kendle told Tower of the presence of the Rebels, and then manipulated the Rebels by dropping hints that what they sought was located on Gamandar. Calrissian and Chewbacca decided to follow up on the tip, but they also brought Kendle's husband, Mone with them. Kendle must have believed that the Imperials would not harm her beloved when the Rebels were in their grasp, and so she made no attempt to stop Mone from going with them. After watching the Rebels depart, Kendle contacted Tower again and told him about the two remaining Rebels that had decided to explore the underwater city of Pavillion. Unfortunately for Kendle, during this communication, another Iskalonian, Kiro overheard her selling the Rebels out to the Empire. Kiro was a firm supporter of rebellion against the Empire after they had slaughtered a delegation of Iskalonians who had tried to sue for peace.

Kiro grappled with Kendle, trying to kill the traitor, but the attempt ended up smashing both of their water helmets which allowed them to enter Pavillion. Kiro was forced to abandon his attempt so that he could rush back to the ocean, but Kendle was badly hurt and unable to move. As Kendle began to suffocate without her water helmet, Luke, Leia, and Primor happened to spot Kendle's plight. Luke and Leia rushed to enter the city and aid Kendle while Primor watched anxiously. The two rebels reached the struggling Iskalonian, but it seemed that they would be too late to save her. However, unknown to the group, Kendle's leaked information to Admiral Tower had caused him to make a rash decision. An interplanetary missile had been fired at the city of Pavillion in hopes of killing Leia and Luke.

The massive explosion of the missile caused an enormous tidal wave which smashed against Pavillion and destroyed the underwater city. Luckily for Kendle, Pavillion's destruction let in an inrush of water, and she was saved from suffocating. After coming back to her senses, Kendle saw the two Rebels struggling to escape the wreckage of the city to reach the surface. Angry that the Imperials had gone to such measures to see them both destroyed, Kendle tried to lead them astray in an attempt to drown them. However, Kiro once again appeared and tried to execute the traitor. Kendle was forced to flee the scene, allowing the two Rebels to eventually reach the surface.

Back on the surface, Kendle witnessed the carnage that had come about because of her actions. Many Iskalonians had died in the attack, including her beloved father-in-law. Kendle tried to pay her respects by grieving over Primor's lifeless body, but Kiro once again appeared in close pursuit. Kendle ran from the scene, but soon returned with members of the School in another attempt to destroy the two Rebels. Kendle declared herself as the new leader of the School following Primor's death and accused the Rebels of bringing this terrible catastrophe to her world. The School began to attack the Rebels and Kiro, but the three were able to fight off the assault. However, the School continued to push and it seemed that Kendle would soon be victorious. Unfortunately for Kendle's plans, just as her group moved in for the kill, a wild Chiaki arose from the depths. As everyone scattered from the area, the Millennium Falcon arrived and slew the creature. As the monstrous serpent gave its last breath, it began to topple onto the battleground, and its dead body smashed directly on top of Kendle, killing her instantly.

The Millennium Falcon landed immediately afterward, and Mone left the vessel, distraught over his wife's death and betrayal. Mone declared himself the new leader of the School, and bitter over the loss of his family, he declared that the School would no longer deal with air breathers due to the pain that they had caused. The Rebels were forced to leave Iskalon, and the School departed the wreckage of Pavillion.



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