"But you're supposed to protect me!"
―Kendoh Thul to his bodyguards, before his death[src]

Kendoh Thul was a Human male duke of the Alderaanian noble House of Thul during the Cold War and the Alderaan Civil War.


A wily and self-serving noble, Duke Kendoh had never seen a situation that he could not transformed into an opportunity. Born and raised during Thul's exile in Imperial space, Kendoh was by no means an unquestioning Imperial supporter; as much as he enjoyed the luxuries Imperial credits purchased, and being well aware of the debt his house owed the Empire, he also understood that the life of an Alderaanian noble depended on the ability to out-think and outmaneuver his rivals and that an ally can also be a political liability. At the same time, Duke Kendoh made no claims to valor and knew how to be discreet. For this reason, the rest of House Thul indulged and supported him.

By 3643 BBY, Kendoh was contacted by Darth Baras to aid his apprentice in discovering the identities of Jaesa Willsaam's parents. However, the duke became distracted with his family struggles when the apprentice arrived. When the Sith reminded Kendoh of his commitment, the duke lazily refused to aid him and ordered his Sith bodyguards to attack. However, their leader FimmRess refused, reminding Kendoh that they were only sent to protect him and assist House Thul's war for the throne and that they would not cross Baras. Apologizing to the apprentice, Kendoh explained that he had learned that Jaesa was the handmaiden of Lady Renata of House Alde. Renata, who had refused his advances in the past, was hold up in her well-guarded family estate, so the apprentice had to question her. Kendoh also requested that once the Sith had gotten the information out of Renata that he send her to him for further questioning. The apprentice complied with his request after learning that Jaesa was the handmaiden of General Gesselle Organa.

Kendoh then came up with a plan for the apprentice to infiltrate Gesselle's fortress by sabotaging the planetary generator powering its energy shield. But while the Sith was accomplishing this task, Kendoh anticipated that several of his family rivals would be exposed, as they also relied on the planetary generator, and took the opportunity to eliminate them. He then claimed to Baras that his young apprentice had caused an explosion that killed the Thul dignitaries and spared Gesselle Organa.

When later confronted by the apprentice, Kendoh realized that Baras had informed the former of his slander and attempted to talk his way out of trouble. He claimed that he was entertaining other Thuls at the time he contacted Baras and was only trying to keep them unaware of his subterfuge. FimmRess, however, revealed that he called Baras by himself. As this only agitated the apprentice more, Kendoh admitted that at the time, he thought that the lies he told to Baras would be harmless and he would only care for the success of the mission. However, the apprentice was not so forgiving. Frightened, Kendoh turned to FimmRess and reminded him that he's supposed to protect him. FemmRess stated that if Baras' apprentice decides he dies, he and his cohorts will not interfere. Kendoh could do nothing but protest his bodyguards' inaction as he is killed.

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When the player discovers the duplicity of Kendoh, they can either kill him for dark alignment points or spare/exile him for light alignment points. If they do decide to kill him, the player can either kill Kendoh for him/herself, order FimmRess to do it, or kill them both.


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