Kento's robe was the Jedi robe worn by Jedi Knight Kento Marek.


This special robe was made by Wookiee artisans, who bestowed the robe to their friend and protector, Kento Marek. Kento wore this robe up until his death at the hands of Lord Vader during the battle of Kashyyyk.

In 2 BBY during a mission to Kashyyyk, Galen Marek rediscovered the hut where he lived with his family as a child. Inside the hut Galen had a brief encounter with his father Kento's spirit, who apologized to his son stating that he never want his life to turn out as it did. After the encounter Galen found his father's robe and blue lightsaber crystal in some rubble behind the hut.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kento's robe was featured in the The Force Unleashed video game. In the PS3 and Xbox versions, at the very beginning of the Imperial Kashyyyk level players could find a holocron, one of many hidden throughout the game, in front of the Mareks' hut. The holocron contained a blue lightsaber crystal, which could be speculated to have been Kento Marek's lightsaber crystal. After a brief cinematic inside the hut, players could then backtrack and find another holocron in some rubble behind the hut. This holocron contained Kento Marek's robe that he donned earlier in the game. From that point on it became one of many costumes players could wear in the game.

In the Wii, PS2 and PSP versions of the game, the robe is unlocked as a prize for completing the duel with Kento Marek's spirit in the Jedi Temple, immediately before the Imperial Kashyyyk mission.